You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell

You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell

You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell


Hello everyone, welcome to Unionwell’s official website. Today we introduce door switches such as refrigerator door switch SWD series, door switch G5D series, and door switch SWP series. As we can see from many home appliances and equipment, a snap action switch will be fixed inside to control the appliances smartly. 


Microswitch Control Fridge Door /Light Open Or Closed

For the door control system, take the fridge. For instance, there are some snap-action switches inside to control the light. When the door is open, the light will be automatically opened by the snap action switch function. When the door is closed, the light will be off. This micro switch is also considered a door switch for this application. Snap action switch now used as door switch is gradually applied in various appliances. Different models of being off and on, normally closed or normally open, should be selected based on different requirements. 


You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional door switch maker, and we already have some models now have been widely used in fridges or refrigerators. These door switches are equipped with a cover and snap action switch inside. 

As shown below, Unionwell SWD series and G5D series door switch-specific applications can also be used in home appliances, lighting devices, refrigerators, freezers, etc. 


G5D Series Door Switch

G5D series door switch is a home appliance electrical component manufactured by Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd. G5 series door switch is mainly used for refrigerator, fridge, and innovative door control systems. 

G5D series door switch is a very competitive product, and we supply our door switch for many home appliances brands. This door switch is mainly made of high-quality metal housing and one primary micro switch, and there is a spring fixed inside for door operation. 


Unionwell Door Switch Certification

Unionwell door switch has passed strict testing. And it is widely used for world well-known different home appliances brands. SWD series door switch: Higher requirements for electronic parts are installed in refrigeration equipment using combustible refrigerants such as air conditioners, ice machines, refrigerators, and other household appliances. They must be sealed, meet the requirements of IEC60079.15 and obtain ATEX certification. Parts include switches, thermostats, relays, etc. 

Currently, most refrigerator door switches on the market can only achieve IP54 protection. Due to their unique structure, they can technically achieve IP67 functions. According to market demand, Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd. devoted itself to technical research, verified various design schemes, and finally overcame technical difficulties, developing the first patented product in the market, a fully sealed refrigerator door switch SWD series, and successfully obtained TÜV South Germany ATEX certification, the ATEX certificate has obtained the quality approval for the explosion-proof safety of the refrigerator door switch designed and produced by Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd., and has also obtained the UL-CUL ENEC CQC certification.


SWD Refrigerator Door Switch Types

There are two choices for SWD refrigerator door switch rating: the first is the SWD-01 series, mainly used in micro-current signal, using gold alloy cross contacts, reliable contact, and long life. 

The second is the SWD-06 series, mainly used to control lamps. It uses silver contacts and can reach a 6A 250VAC rating. The switch housing material is selected to meet the requirements of the fourth edition of IEC60335-1, has high PTI and GWT performance, can be applied to household appliances with high pollution, and is safe and reliable to use on refrigerators; The switch uses high-performance phosphor bronze shrapnel, with superior fatigue resistance, ingenious structural design, smooth hand feeling, and various operating force options. 

Universal installation dimensions and connection terminals suit different customers’ switch installation and terminal wiring requirements. And provide operation buttons suitable for different refrigerator door designs in the market for customers to choose from: 

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