Waterproof Micro Switch(G5W11)

G5W11 series sealed waterproof microswitch has ip67 waterproof grade, the type of micro switch has a tight structure and small contact gap, it snaps action quickly, what’s more, the G5W11 series micro switch is widely used in auto, appliances, office equipment, etc. the Max approved current at ENEC/UL is 10A.

  1. Designed for water and dust-tight(IP67)
  2. Tight Structure, Small Contact Gap Snap Action, High Sensitivity
  3. Global safety approvals
  4. Long life and High Precision and Reliability
  5. Variety of levers
  6. Widely used in Automotive Electronics, Appliance and Industrial Control, etc. 

Unionwell, a micro switch factory, offers customized microswitch solutions. You can choose your product application microswitch.

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