Unionwell IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch

Unionwell IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch


The waterproof micro switch, also called a sealed micro switch, or IP67 micro switch, is suitable for use in places drenched in rain and dust. It has a small contact interval and a fast-moving mechanism, with a specified stroke and a specified force to switch the contact structure, covered by a shell and with an external drive rod.


Working principle:

The external mechanical force is applied to the action reed through the transmission element (push-piece, button, lever, roller, etc.). The instantaneous action is generated when the action reed is displaced to the critical point so that the moving contact at the end of the action reed is quickly connected or disconnected from the fixed contact. When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces reverse action force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the action critical point of the reed, the reverse action is completed instantaneously. The micro switch has the characteristics of small contact spacing, short action stroke, small press power, and quick on-off. The operating speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the operating speed of the transmission element.


Importance of Using a Waterproof Micro Switch

As technology continues to advance, we are seeing a surge in the demand for waterproof micro switches. These small yet pivotal components are used in machines and appliances such as washing machines, coffee makers, and even automotive gadgets.

So, why is it so important to use a waterproof micro switch? The answer is simple. It helps safeguard your machine against potential damage from water exposure. This is especially crucial for machines and appliances used in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor areas.

When a micro switch is exposed to water, it can cause malfunction or complete failure. Without proper waterproofing, the switch can quickly become corrupted and damaged, leading to costly repairs or even the need for a complete replacement. By using a waterproof micro switch, you can prolong the lifespan of your machines and appliances as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Additionally, waterproof micro switches offer business owners, homeowners, and consumers peace of mind. By ensuring that your machines and appliances are equipped with durable and reliable switches, you can avoid unexpected breakages and disruptions to your daily life.

Finally, the use of waterproof micro switches promotes environmental sustainability. These switches are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, preventing potential leakage and contamination of water sources. This means that the risk of pollution and hazardous materials being exposed to the environment is minimized, making our world safer and healthier for everyone.


Advantages of Using a Waterproof Micro Switch

Firstly, waterproof micro switches are incredibly durable and can withstand exposure to water and other harsh elements without getting damaged. This makes them ideal for outdoor or industrial applications where traditional switches may fail. They can also handle extreme temperatures and humidity, making them useful in environments where electronic equipment can easily malfunction.

Secondly, waterproof micro switches have a longer lifespan than regular switches. Their rugged structure and sealed construction ensure they can last for an extended period, even in challenging conditions. This means using waterproof micro switches can save money in the long run by reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance.

Thirdly, because waterproof micro switches are sealed and protected from the elements, they can provide reliable performance even in wet environments. This feature is especially useful in areas with a lot of moisture or humidity, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, or outdoor locations where rain or water splashes may occur.

Finally, waterproof micro switches are extremely versatile and easy to install. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including appliances, vehicles, medical equipment, and more. Their small size and variety of mounting options make them adaptable to suit different needs, and they are compatible with various control systems and circuits.


Unionwell G5W11 Series Waterproof Micro Switch

G5W11 Series waterproof micro switch is IP67 waterproof grade. With a tight structure and small contact gap, it snaps action quickly. Moreover, the G5W11 series micro switch is widely used in auto, appliances, office equipment, etc.

Unionwell G5W11 Series Waterproof Micro Switch


-Waterproof and dustproof

-Tight structure, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity

-Long life, high precision, and reliability

-Max approved current at ENEC/UL is 10A



-Home Appliances

-Electronic Devices

-Automatic Equipment

-Auto Electronics

-Agricultural Equipment

-Office Equipment


Matters Need Attention for Waterproof Micro Switch

1. About the protective structures

Do not use waterproof micro switches in water. Although the switch meets the test conditions of IP67, these tests are to test the degree of water inside the switch after it is placed in water for a period of time rather than to test the opening and closing action in the water.

When in an environment with water droplets and condensation caused by rapid changes in temperature, water intrusion into the inside of the switch may occur, and full attention needs to be paid.

Please avoid attaching oil and chemicals. Otherwise, the material may deteriorate and cause ageing.

If used in an environment containing silicone mixture, grease, etc., it may cause poor contact due to the formation of silicon oxide.

If used in an environment containing silicone mixture, grease, etc., it may cause poor contact due to the formation of silicon oxide.


2. Installation

Disconnect the power supply during the installation, disassembly, welding wire, and normal maintenance inspection of the switch. Otherwise, it will cause electric shock or burning. When installing, please use only suitable screws, tighten with flat washers and spring washers, and use the fastening torque of 0.23~0.26N/m. Please install the switch on the flat surface. If the installation surface is uneven, it may lead to switch skew, abnormal action, or shell damage.


3. Application

Please do not damage the sealing rubber at the button when using the switch.


4. Welding wire

The welding temperature should be within 350 ± 20℃, and the welding time should be within 3s. Operating under too high temperature and overheating for a long time can easily cause switch ageing.

For the quick connection terminal, when the insert is inserted into the insert, the lateral force of the terminal should be avoided to avoid the deformation of the terminal and damage to the shell. It is recommended within 5s at 260 ± 5℃ when using automatic welding grooves. Print board welding, it should be noted that the solder and welding liquid levels do not exceed the printed board.


Unionwell Profile:

Unionwell, as professional micro switch manufacturer from China, has a full range of waterproof micro switches, which are designed for water and dust proof with IP67 grade. They can be equipped with various boom forms and installation positioning posts, supporting sample customization. Our products have long electrical life, and all have certification guarantee, stable and reliable quality. At present, Unionwell waterproof micro has been successfully applied in new energy charging guns, car door lock, intelligent door lock, etc. And become one of the important suppliers of the automotive industry, home appliances, electronic equipment, and other manufacturers. For more details about the waterproof micro switch, please go to the official website of Unionwell.


Unionwell IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch


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