The Definition For Snap Action Switch

The Definition For Snap Action Switch

The Definition For Snap Action Switch

A miniature snap-action switch is a kind of switch with a very sensitive spring and magnetic travel. It has a small gap of contact and snaps action structure. It switches on and off by certain travel and force, is covered with a shell, and is equipped with an external lever. It is also named a sensitive switch for the small contact gap. 


In electronics, we call it SM. But how is it operated? 

The mechanical force will transfer by component, such as button, lever, roller, etc. When the force reaches the lever and the spring moves to the critical point, it has to produce snap action, so the end of the spring lever will quickly connect or cut off. 

When the force is moved out, the spring will produce reversed force, transfer to the critical point, and suddenly produce reversed snap-action. The contact gap of the snap action switch is small, and the action travel is short; operation force is small, but with a snap, action for “on and off”.  

Currently, the mechanical life of the snap action switch varies based on different requirements. The mechanical cycles range from 30 thousand to 10 million. Usually, life is 100 thousand, 200 thousand, 500 thousand, and 800 thousand cycles. 

The spring is made of beryllium bronze, tin bronze, and stainless steel in the domestic market. Different brands and the materials to make spring are various. The price will be different for different materials, so the price of the snap action switch will also verify. Top snap action brands from the EU, America, and Japan are taking the leading role in the world. The materials of spring they select for the snap action switch are different.   

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