Subminiature Micro Switch In Electric Toothbrush

Subminiature Micro Switch In Electric Toothbrush

Now the world economy is getting better and better, the level of science and technology has also been greatly improved, a lot of intelligent products have entered our life, so that our life, work, study and so on have a great change. Even the tiny toothbrushes are charged. So the sales of electric toothbrushes have been very high in recent years, and people have gradually accepted the change. So what’s behind the electric toothbrush boom? How does it work? What kind of microswitch should the manufacturer use that is good quality and suitable for it? Let’s find out.

The reason why electric toothbrushes have sold so well in these two years is that the cleaning effect is much better than ordinary toothbrushes, which can only clean the dirty things on the surface of the teeth, but using electric toothbrushes can shake out the dirty things between the teeth, which can bring a thorough cleaning to the teeth. Moreover, the electric toothbrush is very convenient to use, do not have to learn alone. The elderly and children can learn it as soon as they learn. In addition, the ultrasonic vibration used by an electric toothbrush, with no hands to brush, is very safe. The bristles of electric toothbrushes are very soft and have good care for our teeth. When most people use traditional toothbrushes daily, their gums will bleed due to too much force, and ordinary toothbrushes will be deformed if used too much force.

How an electric toothbrush works

There are two main types of electric toothbrushes: rotary and vibrating. The principle of the rotary toothbrush is simple. The motor drives the circular brush head to rotate, strengthening the friction effect while performing the ordinary brushing action. The rotary toothbrush is strong, the tooth surface is cleaned very clean, and the interdental cleaning is relatively weak, but it is not recommended to use for a long time.

Vibrating toothbrushes are more complicated. The vibrating type of toothbrush has an electrically driven vibration motor inside, which can make the brush head produce a high-frequency swing perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle, but the swing range is very small. Generally, about 5 mm up and down, and the largest swing in the industry is 6 mm. On the one hand, high-frequency oscillations of the brush head can effectively complete the action of brushing teeth. On the other hand, more than 30,000 vibrations per minute also cause the toothpaste and water mixture in the mouth to create the largest and smallest bubbles. When the bubbles burst, the pressure created can penetrate deep into the teeth and clean the dirt.


Choose a good quality and suitable for the micro switch

G3 series subminiature micro switch is available on electric toothbrushes. When we press the switch of the electric toothbrush, the micro switch inside receives the signal and plays the role of driving the relevant parts of the electric toothbrush. When we choose the micro switch of electric toothbrush, we must understand the key points of selecting the micro switch according to the requirements of our electric toothbrush parts. At the same time, it is very important to choose a good quality micro switch strength brand manufacturers! Select the micro switch to know the maximum current and voltage parameters of the electric toothbrush load. Since electric toothbrushes require a compact, built-in Micro Switch, G3 Series Subminiature Micro Switch meets the electrical requirements while meeting the volume requirements. The electric toothbrush microswitch can be adopted by our company G3 Series Subminiature Micro Switch. Unionwell vacuum cleaner microswitch can meet the ENEC/ Unilever international safety certification, to meet the needs of export vacuum cleaner manufacturers.


Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer From China 

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in producing quality micro switches for the automotive industry and white goods of home appliances. Main products include basic micro switches, waterproof switches, air pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, and door switches.

For better pricing, lead time, and quality control guarantees, we acquired Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd in 2021. We made it our China production base with over 500 employees and a 250 million pieces/year production capacity.

With the subsidiary sales branch Guangzhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Technology Co., Ltd founded, our global reach covers North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Most of our business partners/end customers are Global 500 enterprises, including world-famous home appliance brands and leading automotive suppliers in North America and Europe.

We are launching a new industrial base at Longmen, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, which will work as Unionwell headquarters. Automation equipment will be introduced, massively improving the switch production capacity from 250 million pieces to over 1.3 billion pieces/year.

We can provide alternatives for the brands’ switches from Honeywell, C&K, Cherry, Crouzet, Omron, and Burgess. Our fabricated switches offer a cost-effective solution.


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