Refrigerator Magnetic Control Door Switch

Refrigerator Magnetic Control Door Switch

 As for the knowledge of refrigerators, in our daily use process, we only know that when opening the fridge, we must control the number of times; people open and close the refrigerator door and the brightness level of the refrigerator lamp. Then we will learn about the switches and their functions in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Magnetic Control Door Switch

What is the magnetic refrigerator switch? 

The magnetic control switch is a temperature-sensitive control device. Under normal working conditions, the circuit is turned on or off within a preset temperature range. It is a temperature composed of a reed switch, a permanent magnet, and a temperature-sensitive soft magnet. 

The function of the magnetic control switch is the same as that of the low-temperature compensation switch. As the weather turns colder, the low-temperature compensation heater of the direct cooling refrigerator gradually plays its due role. Currently, most manufacturers abandon the original manual low-temperature compensation heating switch and replace it with a magnetic control low-temperature compensation heating switch with a temperature sensing function. Its advantages are: it has the characteristics of sensitive temperature sensing, high-temperature control accuracy, stable performance, good reliability, and durability. It does not require manual braking and is particularly suitable for low-temperature compensation switches. 


Features of magnetic refrigerator switch 

The characteristics of the magnetic control switch are temperature-sensitive control devices. Under normal working conditions, the circuit is turned on or off within a preset temperature range. It comprises a reed switch, a permanent magnet, and a temperature-sensing device. The temperature controller is composed of a soft magnet. The function of the magnetic control switch is equivalent to that of the low-temperature compensation switch. 


The role of magnetic refrigerator switch

  1. Thermostat. It is a device that controls temperature. The primary function of the refrigerator’s temperature control air is to control the temperature in the box within a specific range!
  2. The pressure in the ground temperature sensing bulb controls ordinary thermostats. When the temperature is low, the pressure is low. When the pressure is lower than a particular value, the contacts in the thermostat will be disconnected and compressed. The machine stopped working!
  3. The gear position is a device that adjusts the temperature. If you divide it into details, you can change the number on the gear position to temperature. Only the current number is more user-friendly.
  4. According to the number in the refrigerator, there are generally seven gears from 1 to 7. People adjust the switch to 3 or 4 but adjust to 6 in winter in summer. It is best not to change to 7 (7 generally open means the compressor will not stop working when adjusting to 7).


How to repair the refrigerator door switch? 

There is a small button switch on the refrigerator door frame. This component can control the lights in the refrigerator. If this switch fails, the light in the refrigerator may be on all the time. So the heat from the bulb will cause trouble for the refrigeration in the refrigerator. 

Step 1: Please check whether the bulb is burned out or not. If not, press the button on the door switch. 

Step 2: If the light is still on, please clean the switch with a rag. Then remove the switch from the door frame. Remove the positioning screws hidden under the plastic border, and then use a screwdriver to pry the switch out of the door frame or pry the border of the door frame to expose the switch. Then use a multimeter set to RX1 to test the switch. 

Step 3: Clamp the two probes of the multimeter on the two terminals and press the button. The meter reading should be zero. If the dial points to a position greater than zero, it indicates a problem with the switch, and you need to replace it with a new switch of the same type. Currently, most refrigerator door switches sold in the market can only achieve IP54 protection. Due to their unique structure, they can reach IP67 technically. 


Unionwell: Developed the first patented fully sealed refrigerator door switch SWD series in the market

According to market needs, Unionwell has devoted itself to technical research and design solutions. Our Unionwell finally overcame the technical difficulties through the verification and developed the first patented fully sealed refrigerator door switch SWD series in the market. And unionwell has successfully obtained the ATEX certification issued by TUV South Germany. 

The refrigerator door switched explosion-proof safety quality recognition and obtained UL, CUL, ENEC, and CQC certification. 

The explosion-proof refrigerator door switch uses high-performance phosphor copper shrapnel, superior fatigue resistance, ingenious structural design, smooth hand feeling, various operating force options, universal installation dimensions, and connection terminals, suitable for switch installation and terminal wiring requirements of different customers.


Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to producing and innovating various micro switches. 

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