Reasons For The Failure Of The Micro Switch

Reasons For The Failure Of The Micro Switch

Reasons For The Failure Of The Micro Switch

The micro switch is susceptible. When the switch fails, please check whether the following conditions cause it. The first reason is that the switch is affected by the malignant gas in the environment. The insulating cover layer is formed on the contact surface due to the low load area switch. 

The solution is to replace the switch containing the material (gold, alloy, etc.) with good environmental adaptability. The second reason is that the microswitch is attached to dust, garbage, etc. If it is because of dust inside the switch, you can put it into the box or use a sealed switch. The third reason is that the flux is immersed in the solder. If a flux is immersed in solder, it is necessary to correct it and use a switch that does not immerse it in the flux. 


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