Purchase And Installation Of Waterproof Keyboard Mechanical Switch

Purchase And Installation Of Waterproof Keyboard Mechanical Switch

Purchase And Installation Of Waterproof Keyboard Mechanical Switch 

There are many brands and types of waterproof Keyboard switches on the market, but there are still relatively few key switches with good waterproof and sealing performance in the true sense. Let me introduce you to the correct method of purchasing waterproof keyboard switches. 


IP waterproof standard 

The primary evaluation standard for the waterproof performance of waterproof key switches is based on the IP waterproof grade standard. Look at the waterproof performance of the waterproof switch; mainly look at the two digits XX at the back of IPXX. The first X is from 0 to 6; the highest level is 6; the second X is from 0 to 8, and the highest level is 8; therefore, the waterproof button The highest waterproof rating of the switch is IP68. 

Other criteria The waterproof key switch has a good design, long service life, high-temperature resistance, and high current impact resistance, which can meet the specific needs of your product. It should be considered. The above introduces the correct method of purchasing a waterproof key switch. 

You can find out that certification completes ROHS-related regulations, SGS certification, VDE/DEMKO/KEMA (currently using EU ENEC), UL/CSA, and other certifications. These are the certification requirements for high-quality waterproof key switches. Must have for exporting overseas. We know that the waterproof button switch is also called the waterproof button switch. Generally, everyone will install it, but it will short-circuit if it is not installed correctly. 


How to install the correct dustproof and waterproof button switch and button switch? 

Unionwell summarized the following three points for your reference: 

  1. Open the button cover screwdriver and select the nut;
  2. Insert the lower part of the opened switch into the panel hole;
  3. Screw on the nut and insert the button cover—material and application of the Keyboard switch. 

The materials used for critical and push-button switches have excellent flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance, moisture resistance, strong stability, and resistance to discoloration. Nowadays, switch panels also use metal materials such as gold-plated, stainless steel, and copper, in addition to high-grade plastics, providing people with more choices. Keyboard switches are widely used in household appliances, generally used in juice beverage machines, coin-operated machines, coffee machines, juicers, vending machines, dehumidifiers, electronic door lock systems, lamps, small household appliances, high-end furniture, audio equipment, Building models, bank alarm equipment, access control and security, automobiles, new unicycles, balance electric vehicles, computers and peripheral equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, etc. 


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1 According to the purpose, choose the form of the card tube, such as emergency type, essential type, indicator type, etc. 

2 According to the use environment, select the type of key switch, such as open type, waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, etc. 

3. According to the requirements of working conditions and working conditions, select the color of the key switch. 


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