Prospects For The Development Of Automotive Switches

Prospects For The Development Of Automotive Switches

Prospects For The Development Of Automotive Switches

The automotive industry faces challenges, including emission reduction, lightweight, digital networking, electrification, and future driverless cars. 

All elements point to an uncertain future. Not only are OEMs facing tough choices, but all automakers and component suppliers (including switch manufacturers) face the same situation. 

At the same time, the car itself is changing. The development of networked driverless electric vehicles will transform its electronic architecture and require the establishment of new standards. However, even this new generation of cars cannot ignore the vital role played by switches. 

Technical innovations such as intelligent seats, start-stop functions, and shift paddles still require switches—more precisely, intelligent switches. Other functions will also require more sensing assistance, and using switches as sensors will achieve high-cost performance. 

As a company, this is our focus on developing the automotive industry. Factors outside the automotive sector are also driving changes in the industry. 

The entire industry has raised higher demands and expectations for all automotive switches. These needs and expectations ultimately come from consumers because they hope that the experience and functions will not lose to consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

This ever-changing market change prompted Greetech to take measures to deal with engineering technology products with solutions as the core. Regardless of the market’s direction, Unionwell is always ready to lead the future innovation of the automobile. 

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