Miniature Snap Action Switch For Auto Electronics

Miniature Snap Action Switch For Auto Electronics

Miniature Snap Action Switch For Auto Electronics

Automobile or vehicle, in other words, is essential transportation tools for nowadays life. It not only makes people’s lives easier but, more importantly, dramatically saves time & energy from one location to another and makes it possible for anyone to access new technology. 

As one necessary component of the automobile, the snap action switch decides automobile intelligent control, whatever in car window control, gear controls, louvre control, etc. Its compact and small size doesn’t mean unimportance. Snap action switch is offered as another to-switch to switch” for its wide application in automobiles.


Uninowell: A Professional Miniature Snap Action Switch Supplier

Uninowell is a professional miniature snap action switch supplier dedicated to manufacturing all series switches, automobile switches especially. With nearly 15 years of OEM experience for the world’s top brand, we are fully experienced in producing high-quality but reasonable-price auto switches. In this regard, various auto switches are developed for the application. 

Unionwell series snap action switches are applied in different automobile applications. Some switches require waterproof functions, while some require dustproof functions for the specific place of the vehicle. 

As a professional micro switch factory, we want to answer your questions anytime. Besides, you can log in to our official website: for more options, or email us at this address:

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