Mini Micro Switch Magic Household Appliances

Mini Micro Switch Magic Household Appliances

Micro Switch Structure Innovation Design Description

-Snap-in design of movable plate and COM terminal

-Stable structure, high sensitivity, and high vibration resistance

-Protruding rib design for moving and static contacts

-Cross contact low resistance, long life


Please click Miniature Micro Switch for more details about the G6T138 micro switch.


About Unionwell

Unionwell is committed to providing various types of cost-effective micro switches, modules, and other electronic components for the global market. Professional Unionwell staffs continuously focus on product development and technological innovation and actively introduce high-reliability products to the market.

Unionwell has obtained ISO14001 certification, ISO9001, and IATF16949 quality assurance system certification. We work with suppliers to continuously improve and strive to provide customers with 100% satisfaction.

Mini Micro Switch Magic Household Appliances

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