Micro Switch Application In Ice-maker

The Reliability of Unionwell Micro Switches in Ice Makers

Micro Switch Application In Ice-maker

Micro switch as electronic component is widely applied in household appliances and electronics industry control. In-home appliances, we can find their application inside for intelligent control everywhere. Today we talk about the micro switch or snap action switch application in icemaker.

  Micro Switch Application In Ice-maker

Ice-maker is used for temperature control to store the food, juice, or something required daily. If just seen from the outside, we cannot find any application of micro switch as it is invisible and hidden inside the fridge. The micro switch is used inside the refrigerator and must be waterproof for the unique working environment. IP67 has to be reached to protect the microswitch itself. The micro switch is applied to control the inside temperature by a circuit connected or cut off. They will usually be equipped with three terminals: COM, NC, and NO. These terminals are of great importance to the intelligent control system. G9 and G6 series micro switches are specially designed for the ice maker. Unionwell Switch develops them with dust and waterproof IP67 design and small compact size. Long life and high reliability are excellent characteristics of the Unionwell micro switch. What’s more, it can also be equipped with various terminals and levers for various applications in electronics or industry.


Best Icemaker Micro Switch From Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in quality micro switches for the automotive industry and white goods of home appliances. Main products include basic micro switches, waterproof switches, air pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, door switches, etc.

For better guarantee on pricing, lead time, and quality control, we acquired Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd in 2021. We made it our China production base with over 1000 employees and 260 million pieces/year production capacity. 

Huizhou Greetech is an ISO9001, IATF16949 and ISO14001 certified micro switch manufacturer whose complete series of products have been granted global access permit certifications, including ENEC, UL, CE, CB, etc.

With the subsidiary sales branch Guangzhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Technology Co., Ltd founded, our global reach covers North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Most of our business partners/end customers are Global 500 enterprises, including world-famous home appliance brands and leading automotive suppliers in North America and Europe.

Shortly, we are launching a new industrial base at Longmen, Huizhou, Guangdong Province; automation equipment will be introduced, which would massively improve the switch production capacity from 260 million pieces to over 1.3 billion pieces/year. 

A one-stop system will cover product development, precision molding, injection molding, precision stamping, automated equipment R&D, assembling, and testing. 

The professional sales team is on hand to provide assistance and quick response to 3D drawing requests, price quotes, and access to an adequate sample program that allows engineers to test and qualify switches for their end product applications.


Core Value:

Goal, Responsibility, Coordination, Innovation

Effort, Development, Openness, Integrity

Our Mission:

We are obligated to maintain long-term relationships that stand the test of time.

Our Vision:

To become a first-class global manufacturer of precision components and modules.


If you are interested in the micro switch or have some relevant requirements, please get in touch with us or visit our website: https://www.unionwellswitch.com

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