Mechanical Keyboard Switch Classification

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Classification

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Classification

According to the classification of mechanical keyboard microswitches, Our team can divide technical keyboards into the traditional tea, environment-friendly, white-colored, dark, red, Cherry ML, and light axes.

Each key comprises a private micro-movement, so the critical paragraph sensation is powerful, causing a unique feel suited for activity amusement; it is usually a relatively expensive high-end activity outer.

Black Axis.

Black Center paragraph emotion is certainly not noticeable. The center’s noise is reasonably tiny, and the axis is straight up and down, yet it possesses ultra-short trigger distance and the most lengthy service life.

The amount of pressure grams is also relatively large, incredibly suitable for use in the video game, and considerably enjoyed and valued due to the game. Nowadays, most activity mechanical computer keyboards utilize the dark axis as the switch axis.

Red Axis.

There is no feeling of the paragraph, pressure grams of relatively minor, lightweight experience, incredibly ideal for inputting office and participating in games, and high exposure.

Herbal Tea Shaft.

Tea cylinder combines blue and black bar components; paragraph emotion is relatively unstable, referred to as universal change stem, experience relaxed, suited for just making use of the technical keyboard under the experience.

Cyan Center.

Paragraph feeling of the most potent technical switch ray, one of the most powerful sound, typing will undoubtedly be provided when the clacking noise refreshing, more suitable for workplace typing.

White Axis.

Many people who stemmed from China may not know the white-colored axis. The white-colored axis was developed by a lifetime computer keyboard aficionado who pertained to the advantages of the Cherry Alps axis and constructed a factory to generate a white axis.

Because of its comparable design and structure to the Cherry MX center, it is actually considered stealing. In the end, the White axis did not spread; only a couple of individuals knew it. However, the white-colored center in the growth of the mechanical keyboard history played a vital task.

Cherry ML Technical Axles.

Cherry ML mechanical center is an ultra-thin mechanical center designed for industrial use. It likewise possesses a gold touchpoint, and its own life and think are both commendable. The Cherry G84-4100 and also G84-4400 keyboards, for instance, make use of the ML axis to create the keyboard thinner without shedding the sense of the mechanical keyboard.\


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