Mechanical Keyboard Switch Analysis Report

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Analysis Report

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Analysis Report


Keyboard Describe

The keyboard is an instruction and data input device used to operate computer equipment. It also refers to a set of function keys (such as a typewriter or computer keyboard) arranged to operate a machine or equipment. The keyboard is also part of a keyboard instrument. It may also refer to an agency that uses a keyboard, such as a piano, digital piano, or electronic piano.

The keyboard is the most commonly used and primary input device. English letters, Chinese characters, numbers, punctuation, and so on can be input into the computer, thus issuing commands to the computer, input data, etc.


Keyboard Market

There are also keyboards with various keyboard shortcuts; A keyboard is a computer peripheral device with a plurality of critical switches. People transmit the signals or instructions to a computer by pressing most virtual switches to input signals or instructions.

Gradually, the market also appears independent products with various quick functions sold separately. With particular driver and setting software, it can also perform the personalized operation on the compatible machine.

The conventional keyboard has mechanical and capacitive keys; the industrial computer keyboard has a light touch membrane keyboard.


Here’s A Look At The Mechanical Keyboard

The so-called mechanical keyboard. Above the bottom of the PCB board is more than 100 independent switches to trigger the signal action.

Structure of keyboard: shell, indicator light, keyboard area, keyboard circuit board, Keyboard Cap, and key switch

Classification of keyboards: Mechanical keyboards (Mechanical) use similar metal contact switches. A mechanical keyboard is the first structure to be adopted. It is generally parallel to the contact switch principle, which turns contact on or off. The mechanical keyboard has many features: simple process, convenient maintenance, general feel, big noise, and easy wear and tear. 


Keyboard Axis

Because most low-cost mechanical keyboard uses copper leaf spring as an elastic material, copper leaves quickly lose flexibility, using a long time to increase the failure rate.

Structurally, each key on a mechanical keyboard has a separate switch to control the closure, and the key is also known as a “Shaft,”

According to the classification of microswitches, We can divide mechanical keyboards into the traditional tea, green, white, black, red, Cherry ML, and light axes. Each key is composed of an independent micro-movement, so the critical paragraph feeling is strong, resulting in a unique feel suitable for game entertainment; it is usually a relatively expensive high-end game peripheral.


Black Axis

Black Axis paragraph feeling is not apparent. The sound of the axis is relatively tiny, the axis is straight up and down, but it has an ultra-short trigger distance and the most extended service life.

The number of pressure grams is also relatively large and very suitable for use in the game; much loved and respected by the game; at present, most game mechanical keyboards use the black axis as the switch axis.


Red Axis

There is no sense of paragraph, pressure grams of relatively small, feel light, very suitable for typing office and playing games, and high visibility.


Tea Shaft

Tea shaft is a combination of black and blue shaft features; paragraph feeling is relatively weak, known as universal switch shaft, feel comfortable, suitable for just using the mechanical keyboard under the experience.


Cyan Axis

Paragraph sense of the most potent mechanical switch shaft, the most significant noise, typing will be issued when the clacking sound is crisp and more suitable for office typing.


White Axis

Many people who come from China may not know the white axis. The white axis was developed by a lifelong keyboard enthusiast who referred to the merits of the Cherry Alps axis and built a factory to produce a white axis.

But because of its similar shape and structure to the Cherry MX axis, it is plagiarism. In the end, the White axis did not spread; only a few people knew it, but the white axis played a vital role in the development of mechanical keyboard history.


Cherry ML Mechanical Axles

Cherry ML mechanical axis is an ultra-thin mechanical axis designed for industrial use. It also has a gold touchpoint, and its life and feel are both commendable. For example, the Cherry G84-4100 and G84-4400 keyboards use the ML axis to make the keyboard thinner without losing the feel of the mechanical keyboard.


Stress Comparison

According to the stress gram index, cyan axis = tea axis < Black axis < White axis. So in the critical feeling, the tea axis and cyan axis keyboard are the most relaxed, and the black axis keyboard keys need the strength the red axis will be more significant.


Advantages Of A Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is the most critical micro-switch; good mechanical keyboard life is more than ten years or even more than 20 years.

Mechanical keyboard use for a long time after the key feels little change.

A mechanical keyboard can be six keys above no conflict, part of the mechanical keyboard can be full key no match. Consumers can replace their keycaps with convenient DIY personalities. The quality of the keyboard switch directly affects the feel of the mechanical keyboard.

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