Limit Switch And Industrial Control

Limit Switch And Industrial Control

The limit switch is an electronic component for industrial control, manufacturing equipment, and an oversized home appliance machine. Therefore, limit switch as a member of the micro switch family is relevant to electronics industry development. 

The limit switch serves as a button in the operation of electronic equipment. Its role is more like a “commander” to send the signal or order to decide“Start or Off” for the automobile. 

The machine’s function will be significantly affected and even broken if it cannot work correctly. So the limit switch selection for specific equipment must be stricter than other switches, such as the temperature endurance, electrical rating, and even the plastic materials used. 

Seen from below basic parameter information, we could have a general understanding. 

Electrical Rating: 16A 22A 26A

Operating Frequency: Electrical 10~30 cycles/min

Mechanical: 240 cycles/min

Dielectric Strength: Between terminals 1500VAC 50/60 Hz 1 Min

Between terminals and housing 2500VAC 50/60Hz 1 Min

Service Life: Electrical 100,000 cycles

Mechanical: 10,000,000 cycles. 


It is easy to be found that the limit switch is different from other micro switches. We must consider its application, working environment, and control systems seriously.   

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