How To Select Proper Micro Switch

How To Select Proper Micro Switch

How To Select Proper Micro Switch

There are many types of micro switches on the market, and their structures differ. How to select the appropriate microswitch correctly, the following is the method collected by Unionwell to determine the appropriate microswitch. 


How to Select Proper Micro Switch

First of all, the application environment should be the priority。 Some workplaces are wet and air-exposed, so the IP rated factor is an important issue. IP67 should be required so that the microswitch can be waterproof and dustproof. IP67 micro switch will be mainly used for automotive projects and control as the auto industry has strict requirements about electronic components. The waterproof micro switch is reasonable to extend automotive parts’ work life. 

Second, the electrical life and mechanical life or microswitch also require attention. Different applications require different service life. For instance, the microswitch electrical life should be at least 100 thousand cycles in automobiles, and mechanical life should be above 500 thousand cycles. The micro switch mechanical life for home appliances must be above 50 thousand cycles, and the electrical life should be at least 50 thousand; it depends.  

In addition, dielectric strength, storage temperature, humidity, etc., are other factors we need to consider in microswitch selection. 


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Manufacturer

Unionwell is a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer, and factory, focusing on new clean energy electronic component research and development. And we take a micro switch for charging guns as a strategic product for the next decade. More and more clients have started to inquire about this model micro switch’s specifications and applications. 

Unionwell focuses on product development and technological innovation. We provide Different kinds of switches to the market. 

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