How To Choose A Snap Action Switch

How To Choose A Snap Action Switch

How To Choose A Snap Action Switch

Snap action switch, also named micro switch, is widely applied in the electronic industry. For instance, in the home appliance industry, electrical devices, electronic products, auto industry, etc., Snap action switch is an essential part of this industry. All products can’t operate properly without a snap action or microswitch. It is controlling “ on and off” when needed. 

Microswitch enjoys a tremendous global market, while most snap action switch manufacturers are in China. The snap action switch is divided into several level markets like other electronic component. High-quality snap action switch, immediate level snap action switch, and low-quality snap action switch.      


What factors should you take into consideration?   

First, we have to think about the IP rate of the microswitch and check if it is waterproof. So you should seriously consider the applied environment of the snap action switch. For instance, if the selected snap action switch is for outside. You need to choose an IP67-rated snap action switch to ensure it can be waterproof and dustproof. 

Second, think about the current rating for the application. You must consider the current rating endurance and work cooperatively with the machines. Otherwise, it will be a short circuit consequently. 

Third, you need to think about the operation force. The operation force is essential; it will determine whether the machine can work correctly. So we have to check the operation force when selecting the snap action switch.  

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