How Much Do You Know About Waterproof Micro Switches

How Much Do You Know About Waterproof Micro Switches

In our lives, we often cannot do without using various electrical equipment. Most electrical appliances are now waterproof, so the micro switches also have a waterproof function. The micro switch is a waterproof switch with a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism. This contact structure uses a specified stroke, and a specified force to switch action is covered by a shell and has a drive rod outside. With contacts: In the waterproof micro switch type, compared with the semiconductor switch with waterproof micro switch characteristics, the switch’s function is realized through the mechanical control of the contact.


How to wire the waterproof micro switch? 

Generally, a micro switch has three points. One of these three points is a common point, one is a normally open point, and the other is a closed point. The common point is like the zero lines in the socket. The normally open point is to open the switch, so the current flows. The point that passes, the closed point, is the point through which the current is disconnected. Connect the corresponding end to the corresponding location, and that’s it. Although the wiring method of the micro switch seems very simple, it is still necessary to make relevant preparatory measures. 


What should we pay attention to when using waterproof switches?

  1. When fixing the main body of the switch, use M3 screws to fix it on a smooth surface with a torque of 0.098N•m or less. In addition, to prevent the screws from loosening, it is recommended to use washers simultaneously.
  2. Please note that the action body should not directly exert force on the button or exciter in the free state and exert force in the vertical direction when using it.
  3. The operation setting after the operation is based on more than 70% of the O.T. value. In the case of a switch, do not set the operating body at the active limit position to avoid opening and closing and over-travel caused by impact and shortening life.
  4. Regarding operating characteristics, even if it changes within ±20% of the operating characteristics specification value, it should not cause malfunctions.
  5. In manual soldering, please use soldering equipment with temperature adjustment (maximum 320℃) to complete the work within three seconds, and be careful not to apply force on the terminals.
  6. When used under a small current and voltage, it is recommended to use a low-power circuit type (A.U. cladding contact or composite silverpoint), and copper points are not recommended. It is recommended to use composite silver gold-plated dots if used in a high temperature and high humidity environment.
  7. According to the use environment of the switch, it can be divided into indoor or outdoor. It is recommended to use PBT plastic material for indoor climate and PA66 outdoor.
  8. When using it, please pay attention to the surrounding environment; it should not be too humid and corrosive.
  9. After the switch durability test and installation, it is recommended to stand for more than 1 hour to relieve stress.
  10. The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.

Environmental requirements greatly influence the selection of micro-switches, especially in applications requiring high reliability and criticality, such as industrial control and medical equipment. Understand the ecological conditions of the application, including pollutants in the air that may enter the switch, the liquid in which the switch is located, and operating temperature requirements. 

You need to choose a sealed switch with a wide operating temperature range for applications under harsh environmental conditions. The highly reliable micro switch can operate from -65 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 degrees Celsius) to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Applications that require more current usually require larger switches. For example, in fuel tank applications, the micro switch that detects the liquid level must provide a large stroke and withstand large currents. Usually, in liquid level switch applications, the switch must drive the water pump and carry a large current. This requires a sizeable micro switch with a rated current of 20A or 25A at a voltage of 125VAC or 250VAC. 

Unionwell has many models of waterproof micro switches, such as the G3 series, G9 series, G10B series, G11 series, etc. These waterproof micro switches are handy and can be seen everywhere in our lives. Such as lawnmowers, coffee machines, small appliances, car door locks, etc. 

How Much Do You Know About Waterproof Micro Switches

The G9 switch adopts a compact spring contact structure and requires high conversion sensitivity. High reliability. Working temperature is 25℃ to 120℃, using silver contacts, up to 6A 250VAC load, can be equipped with various operating handles and terminals, and can be fitted with connector plugs according to customer requirements U.L., ENEC, CQC certification. The switch uses high-performance phosphor copper shrapnel, with superior fatigue resistance, ingenious structural design, smooth hand feeling, various operating handle options, universal installation dimensions, and connection terminals, suitable for switch installation and terminal wiring requirements customers. 

The above is detailed information about the waterproof micro switch. Regarding the waterproof micro switch, Unionwell hopes to answer your questions, and welcome to log on to our website: and send the e-mail by e-mail to:

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