Gas Water Heater Wind Pressure Switch Application

Gas Water Heater Wind Pressure Switch Application

How Does A Gas Water Heater Work?

Tap water enters the water heater, and the flowing water pushes the water-gas linkage valve under a certain pressure difference. At the same time, the wind pressure switch is also pushed to turn on the power supply and start the pulse controller.

Immediately after, the gas ventilation solenoid valve opens, and the gas water heater burner ignites.

The flame detection element detects the flame intensity, feeds the flame signal back to the pulse controller, and keeps the solenoid valve open by maintaining the current so that the burner burns normally.

If ignition fails, the pulse igniter does not detect the feedback signal of the flame.

The lack of power supply of the gas ventilation solenoid valve will not maintain the normal opening of the solenoid valve.

Therefore, the solenoid valve automatically closes, cuts off the gas supply, and the water heater stops working, which plays a role in safety protection.


What Is A Water Heater Micro Switch?

The water heater microswitch is a very important safety accessory in the water heater water and gas linkage device, or called water valve linkage.

This device includes a water control device and an air control device. Its main components are an inlet pipe, outlet pipe, water temperature regulating valve, solenoid valve, ejector rod, pulse igniter and micro switch.

The microswitch is installed on the installation groove, which has the characteristics of a simple structure and convenient installation.

When water flows in the inlet pipe, the microswitch will close. After the circuit is turned on, the hot water flows out normally.

Unionwell GPS100 air pressure micro switch is used in the gas water heater, highly reliable performance, fast and sensitive response. Complete global safety certification and the quality is stable and reliable. Terminal load capacity up to 16A 125/250VAC.

Gas Water Heater Wind Pressure Switch Application

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