Five Parts Of The Micro Switch

Five Parts Of The Micro Switch

Five Parts Of The Micro Switch

1. The outer casing protects the snap mechanism and the contacts.

The outer casing material is divided into a recyclable thermoplastic resin and a non-recyclable thermosetting resin.

2. Actuator section.

It is used to transmit external forces and actions such as the operating body to the internal mechanism. Representative actuator shapes include a pin plunger type, a hinge lever type, a Hinge roller lever type, etc., depending on the shape and motion of the operating body.
The needle plunger type is used for high precision position detection of short travel products. The hinge rod type has a high degree of freedom due to the long stroke that can be used for various applications. The roller hinge type is suitable for detecting high-speed running cams.

3. Quick motion mechanism

Composed of a movable spring, a movable piece, a common terminal, and a bearing bush. When a force is applied to the push button switch, the force of the movable spring on the movable piece increases, and when the position reaches a specific position, the movable piece instantaneously moves downward. The movable contact on the normally closed terminal side moves to the normally open contact side.

4. Contact portion

The heart portion of the micro switch, and the opening/closing operation of the circuit are performed via contact.

5. Terminal section

Connect the switch and the part of the external circuit. According to the connection method, it can be classified into a soldered terminal, a connector terminal, a screw terminal, a printed circuit board terminal, or the like.

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