FAQ About Unionwell Micro Switch

FAQ About Unionwell Micro Switch

FAQ About Unionwell Micro Switch

FAQ About Unionwell Micro Switch

Unionwell G3 Series Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch Products List >> 


Q1. Are you a trading company or manufacturer? 

A: Yes. We have been a manufacturer specializing in switches for over 30 years. 


Q2. What is your MOQ? 

A: Normally, MOQ=100pcs. 


Q3. What’s the warranty time? 

A: 1 – 2 years. 


Q4. Could you offer us free samples? 

A: Free samples could be provided within 2-5 days. 


Q5. What about the unit price?

A: The unit price should depend on the quantity. A very competitive price can be offered for a large quantity. 


Q6. What’s the capacity per month? 

A: Over 8 million pieces per month for the micro switch series. Over 20 million pieces per month for the keyboard switch series. 


Q7. Where is your plant? 

A: Located in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China. About 70 minutes by car from Shenzhen airport and 2 hours from HK airport. 


Q8. Could you accept OEM or ODM? 

A: Yes, we have a strong R&D team. We have rich experience in OEM&ODM. 


Q9. Do you have micro switch patents? 

A: Yes, we have more than 200 micro switch patents. 


Q10. How many employees are in your factory? 

A: There are 500 employees at present in our factory. 


Q11. How many engineers are in your R&D department? 

A: Around 60 engineers in the R&D department, half of them own more than ten years of micro switch experience. 


Q12. Can you offer a reasonable price for the high-quality micro switch? 

A: Yes, we can. Our price is reasonable, and we are making suitable micro switches. 


Q13.Do you manufacture other switches besides micro switch? 

A: Yes. We also produce a keyboard switch, primary micro switch, air pressure switch, detector switch, encoder, etc. 


Q14.Can you make a customized micro switch? 

A: Yes. We can make customized micro switches based on the requirements of customers. 


Q15.If I order a large quantity, can you give me more discount? 

A: Yes. The price can be negotiable based on your order quantity. 


Q16.Which payment term are you using? 

A: It depends. We use T/T, 30% advance payment, and 70% balance payment. 


Q17.Do you have stock? 

A: Most micro switches require production, but some everyday products are available in stock. 


Q18. How to place an order? 

A: Send the confirmed PO by email; we will process it asap. 


Q19.Can we have our Logo on your products or package? 

A: Yes. But it depends on the quantity of PO. 


Q20. How much is the transportation freight of samples?

 A: The freight depends on weight, packing size, and distance from our plant to your location. 


Q21.How long can I expect to get the sample?

A: If the sample is ready, it will take around five days to get it by DHL. 


Q22.How many years of micro switch experience your plant has? 

A: More than 10 years of micro switch experience with a strong R&D department. 


Q23.Could I have some information about your scope of business? 

A: Our business covers micro switches, waterproof micro switches, mechanical keyboard switches, encoders, air pressure switches, etc. 


Q24.Would you tell me the main items you export? 

A: Main items to export are micro switches, waterproof micro switches, and mechanical keyboard switches. 


Q25.What about your price compared with other competitors? 

A: Reasonable price for high quality. 


Q26. What about the way of delivery? 

A: Normally, we will go ahead with shipping, DHL, FedEx, or flight. It depends on our discussion. 


Q27.How many square meters for your plant? 

A: Around 110,000 square meters in our factory. 


Q28.How many samples can I get for free? 

A: We can offer 5-10 samples for free, but you need to pay the delivery cost. 


Q29.Does your factory product reach RoHS Standard? 

A: Yes, all our products reach RoHS standards. 


Q30.Do you have clients in European countries? 

A: Yes, we have customers coming from the EU. 


Q31.Can you provide customized samples for us? 

A: We can make the samples based on your specific requirements. 


Q32.Should I pay for the module fees if making unique samples?

A: Normally, it requires paying module fees. But it depends on the quantity ordered, and it is negotiable. 


Q33.What quality assurance system does your factory pass? 

A: We have already passed ISO9001, IATF 16949, and ISO14001 quality assurance systems. 


Q34. How can I go to your factory if I am in Hongkong? 

A: Two options for you. You can take a direct bus to Huizhou, transfer to Shenzhen, then come to Huizhou. 


Q35.What are your company’s advantages compared with other suppliers? 

A: More than 30 years of micro switch experience and high quality for a reasonable price. 


Q36. Are you a professional in keyboard switch manufacturing? 

A: Yes, we take the leading role in manufacturing keyboard switches. We are the keyboard switch supplier for world well-known brand laptop and keyboard. 


Q37. Do you manufacture keycaps also for keyboard switches? 

A: We are not producing keycap. But we can help you to find a keycap supplier. 


Q38.Do you accept the payment term of the letter of credit? 

A: We tend to use T/T, but L/C also can be discussed if necessary. 


Q39.Do we have a chance to become your company distributor in our region?

A: Yes. We welcome the client to become our distributor in the local region if the annual quantity can reach our factory demand. 


Q40.Can you produce home appliance micro switches? 

A: Yes. We are good at manufacturing home appliance microswitch. Q41.Do you manufacture auto micro switches? A: Yes. Our core competence is the auto micro switch for intelligent control. 


Q42.How about the price compared with other China micro switch factories? 

A: The price is immediate, but with high quality. 


Q43. How about the quality level of your products? 

A: We only manufacture high-quality micro switches to protect a good reputation. 


Q44.Do you manufacture door switches? 

A: Yes, we manufacture door switches if the client needs them. 


Q45.What quality assurance system does your factory pass? 

A: We have already passed ISO9001, IATF 16949, and ISO14001 quality assurance systems. 


Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronic Co., Ltd is a micro switch factory that manufactures all series micro switches. We want to answer your questions if you are interested. 

Welcome to login into our website to see more details: https://www.unionwellswitch.com/

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