Basic Micro Switches And Applications

Basic Micro Switches And Applications

Basic Micro Switches And Applications

The switch is an electronic component that we often use in practical life. Some mobile phone switches, induction cooker switches, remote switches, etc., are similar. At the same time, some are different in terms of their working principle. 

Currently, the most common use is a micro switch for its application in all electronic products, auto control systems & home appliances. Science and technology are moving forward; all electronic products are updated rapidly for this change. The new functions have become the shining points to attract customers. 

A slimmer and better design is the new development trend of electronic products. Micro switch as the essential component for this electronic product has to follow the change. Since its wide application in automobile control systems and household appliances, more micro switch manufacturers and factories have started to pay attention to this market. 

The G5 series basic micro switch developed and produced by unionwell is Widely applicated in home appliances, electronic equipment, automatic machines, communication equipment, car electric, apparatus and instrument, power tool, etc.  



-Tight Configuration, Small Contact Gap, Snap Action 

-Long Life, High Reliability 

-Global Safety Approvals 

-Variety of Terminals 

-Wide Range Operating Force (7gf-600gf) 

-Wide Range Temperature Grade(-40℃~+150℃),200℃ Optional 

-With Optional PTI Grade(175v,250v,600v) 

-Variety of Levers  


Unionwell has set up a complete R&D and production system. Many famous home appliances brands use the micro switch; miniature micro switches are our end customers; for more information, please visit our

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