Automobile Micro Switch And Its Application

Automobile Micro Switch And Its Application

The switch used in an automobile is called a micro switch or snap action switch. Today we can see plenty of automobiles and vehicles running on the road. While if these automobiles are not equipped with micro switch, they will be unable to run on the road and operate automatically. 

Most automatic control systems, such as door control, window control, louver control, gear control systems, etc., have to rely on the micro switch to achieve these functions.   

However, a micro switch or snap action switch is a small part of the automobile control system; it is indispensable. 

Different from other switches, micro switch is offered stricter design and manufacturing requirements. It has to be IP67 in case of a weather change. Being waterproof and dustproof makes the intelligent control system safe and reliable for the automobile. IP67 makes micro switch mechanical life last longer and extend its life. 

Choosing a high-quality micro switch for the automobile is significant, especially for housing materials, housing covers, and terminals.    

In China, some micro switch manufacturers only attach to micro switch price control but neglect micro switch quality, which leads to some quality problems in an automotive application. 

Unionwell pays excellent attention to micro switch or snaps action switch research and manufacturing. The company always believes that a complete system is the foundation of the company’s success, and an excellent team is the guarantee of the company’s success. Continuous attention and resolution of customer problems is the key to the company’s success. We maintain a very close cooperative relationship with world well-known brands. 

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