Advantages Of Basic Micro Switch

Advantages Of Basic Micro Switch

Micro switch products include standard size micro switches, small, subminiature, sealed and waterproof, and dustproof micro switches. 

The advantages of the basic micro switch include:

  • Compact structure With a tiny contact gap.
  • Snap action.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Long Travel, long life.
  • High-reliability features.

Micro switches are ideal for applications that require compactness, lightweight, precise repeatability, and long life, such as automobiles, charging guns, home appliances, and electromechanical equipment. 

Micro switches are widely used; among their applications are appliances, machinery, industrial controls, vehicles, convertible tops, and many other places for control of electrical circuits. They are usually rated to carry current in control circuits only. However, some switches can be directly used to control small motors, solenoids, lamps, or other devices. Unique low-force versions can sense coins in vending machines or with a vane attached airflow. 

Micro switches may be directly operated by a mechanism or packaged as part of a pressure, flow, or temperature switch, operated by a sensing mechanism such as a Bourdon tube. 

Unionwells’ micro-switches and waterproof micro-switches are widely used in various household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, power tools, and other fields, and their dustproof, waterproof, and other sealed versions Products can meet the needs of unique environments. 

Unionwell is a professional micro switch factory dedicated to all series snap action microswitches development and production. We want to provide the best service and quality switches for worldwide customers. 

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