250gf Subminiature Micro Switch

250gf Subminiature Micro Switch

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd., a professional micro switch manufacturer in China, recently launched the G9110-250K15D1U subminiature micro switch.

Subminiature Micro Switch 250gf

G9110-250K15D1U subminiature micro switch customizes designs for new lever accessories.

The G9110 subminiature micro switch has a long life and high reliability, a 2.3mm mounting hole, and the operating force at the pin plunger is 250gf max.

The G9110 subminiature micro switch can be widely applied in auto, appliance, and other industrial control.

250gf Subminiature Micro Switch

Subminiature Micro Switch

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Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in quality micro switches for the automotive industry and white goods of home appliances. Main products include basic micro switches, waterproof switches, air pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, and door switches.

A one-stop system will be built, covering product development, precision molding, injection molding, precision stamping, automated equipment R&D, assembling, and testing.

The professional sales team is on hand to provide assistance and quick response to 3D drawing requests, price quotes, and access to an adequate sample program that allows engineers to test and qualify switches for their end product applications.

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