2022 Create A Brilliant Micro Switch Business Together

Unionwell microswitch factory Happy New Year For Customer

2022 Create A Brilliant Micro Switch Business Together

2022 Create A Brilliant Micro Switch Business Together


In the past 2021, All Unionwell employees have worked hard. We have close cooperation with our reliable suppliers and agents. Unionwell has achieved steady and long-term development. More vital, Our Unionwell has grown more than 10% of the company’s business in 2021.

Therefore, Unionwell expresses heartfelt gratitude to all employees, suppliers, and agents. and extends the most sincere New Year greetings and the highest respect!


2022 New Year Outlook

In the 2022 new year, Our Unionwell must strengthen process management and standardize processes. Then proceed from the details, and promote the transformation of work to value. We face new opportunities, shoulder new missions, and accept new tests. Don’t wait to raise the whip, brave the wind and waves, and continue to create a new situation in the company’s work!


At a new starting point, we will join hands in 2022 to gather our standard strength. The aim is to develop the microswitch business, unite, and create new brilliance. Finally, We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, good health, a happy family, and a good tiger year!



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Best Wishes 

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd

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