You Should Know Before Operating Micro Switch

You Should Know Before Operating Micro Switch

You Should Know Before Operating Micro Switch

Before you purchase a micro switch and operate the micro switches, you should know these micro switch knowledge:


First, During the installation process, do not bend or break the end of each switch pin. This will cause abnormal contact between the pin and the switch line, which will affect the malfunction of the switch button. 

Second, Do not touch the micro switch with wet hands during operation, which may cause an electric shock. 

Third, There are many switches on the market today, and the specifications and functional characteristics of switches of different specifications are different. Therefore, when you choose switches, do not randomly. If the selected switch is not suitable, the switch will be damaged.  

Fourth, When the micro switch is often used, the operation force of the switch button should not be too strong; otherwise, it will easily damage the spring inside the switch and cause the switch to sag. 

Fifth, The microswitch cannot be replaced by a non-related technician. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the internal components of the switch. 


Various micro switches and waterproof micro switches produced by unionwell have a long life and stable quality features. 

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