You Should Know Before Soldering Micro Switches

You Should Know Before Soldering Micro Switches

You Should Know Before Soldering Micro Switches

The micro switch is a sensor switch. To ensure the normal function of the micro switch, when manually soldering the microswitch, select a temperature less than 320 °C and ensure that the procedure can be completed within three seconds. At the same time, it should be noted that do not apply pressure on the terminal during work. Otherwise, the device may not function properly.

If the switch is used on a relatively small current or voltage, it is best to use the Au cladding contact’s low power circuit. At the same time, when using the switch, pay attention to waterproofing, and the temperature should be within the specified range. Only by satisfying all the above conditions can the switch exert its maximum power and ensure the regular operation of the equipment. Only in this way can the service life of the switch be extended.    


Unionwell: A China Microswitch Supplier & Manufacturer 

Unionwell is a supplier and manufacturer of limit switches with more than ten years of micro switch experience. Realizing the importance of limiting switch to industry development, we take it as an essential product and contribute a lot to make it work better. In the recent, we have developed a new model limit switch. 

As a well-known manufacturer of microswitches in the industry, Unionwell has established good cooperative relations with many household appliances and automotive electronics manufacturers. 

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