What Is The Function Of The “Micro Switch”

What Is The Function Of The “Micro Switch”

What Is The Function Of The "Micro Switch" 

 “Microswitch” was originally a brand and has become the common name for small snap-action switches. This type of switch is characterized by slight movements of the actuator suddenly and suddenly, and a switch can operate the actuator itself. Some applications require longer springs and can even be activated by a smaller airflow. This switch is usually a changeover switch and can be used as NO, NC, or changeover. The primary switch is tiny and fits in tight spaces compared to all other switches. The switching operating force is minimal, usually in grams or even less. The switch position is exact, so it is suitable as a sensor or limit switch in various applications.  

The structure includes two springs; one is a current-carrying conductor with contacts. The combination of these two springs makes its movement so precise and accurate. The most common applications are microwave ovens, position sensors, process control (as limit switches on machines), and proximity sensors. It has many uses in the entire application field and industry. Its advantages are as follows: 


Precise performance 

Unlike other types of switches, in any case, any movement of the actuator will cause the contacts to move, and the contacts in the micro switch will not change until the actuator reaches a specific trip or reset point along with its range motion. 


Fast switching speed reduces arc damage.

The switching speed in electromechanical switches refers to the speed at which the contacts open and close. The higher switching speed helps extinguish the arc faster, thereby reducing the damage to the contact surface by the arc. 


Reliable switching 

The speed and movement of the contact do not depend on the speed and movement of the actuator. Therefore, unless the life of the switch is about to end, you can count on the contacts to change state predictably. As a large-scale electronic component product manufacturing service provider in China, Guangdong Unionwell Electronics has taken the lead in the industry to pass the national high-tech enterprise certification. The professional business scope includes precision micro, automobile, waterproof, and various precision metal and plastic products. 

Various products’ design, manufacturing, sales, and service are integrated to complete the supply in the middle and high-end markets.


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