What Different Models Of Electrical Switches

What Different Models Of Electrical Switches

What Different Models Of Electrical Switches

Electrical switches can make, cut off or even divert the current. These may be mechanical, electrical, or electronic and comprise two or more contacts mounted on an insulated structure, which can be moved in and out of contact. 

As we can see from the development of electronic products, electronic or electrical items have expanded. Many switches have been developed, such as electrical tools, mechanical keyboards, household appliances, etc.   


Switches Categories

These switches are divided into two basic categories: power switches and signal switches. Power switches are commonly found on power tools and appliances to control on and off. Its function is similar to a circuit breaker. Signal electrical switches are set to react to circumstances requiring a preset response, commonly found in its application on a heater and air conditioners. When a specific temperature is reached, whether high or low, the thermostat will turn another switch on or off. Besides this, signal switches are also found in freezers, fridges, or even sensor lights.  


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