Unionwell Micro Switch Supplier

Unionwell Micro Switch Supplier

Unionwell Micro Switch Supplier


The micro switch is a member of an electronic component family. Its application can be seen in all electronic products. The micro switch industry has rapidly grown in recent years for its wide application and indispensability in electronics. More small micro switch suppliers are coming up in China to try to take a share in this market.  


Unionwell: A competitive micro switch supplier

While as a competitive micro switch supplier, it has to possess a strong R&D and high-quality assurance system. To become a micro switch supplier is easy, while to become a professional & competitive micro switch supplier is difficult. 

Unionwell has taken product quality as the company’s life since its establishment in 2014. We are dedicated to being a professional micro switch supplier and a great supplier with innovation for a well-known world brand. In 2014, Unionwell was approved as a high-tech enterprise for its strong R&D competence. 


Unionwell G5 Series Basic Micro Switch Products List >>


We are all pursuing to make the best quality micro switch, provide good after-sales service for clients, and become a reliable micro switch supplier. In the next ten years, it’s believed that we will make another progress and become the No.1 micro switch supplier in China.

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