Unionwell Electronics Door Switch

Unionwell Electronics Door Switch

Unionwell Electronics Door Switch

People know that there is a door switch for many household appliances or automobile control systems. But few people understand that a snap action switch or micro switch is hiding inside the door switch. Micro switch enjoys a wide application in intelligent door control. 

Unionwell, a professional micro switch and snap action switch supplier and manufacturer, is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality micro switches. 

Recently, we released a new model door switch used for refrigerator and fridge door control systems. With a thick metal cover, the door switch processes the characteristics as follows:

  1. Tight configuration, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity, and small operating travel.
  2. Long life and high reliability with global safety approvals
  3. Variety of Terminals and Variety of Levers
  4. Comprehensive Range Operating Force (7gf~600gf)
  5. Wide Range Temperature Grade (-40 degrees~+150 degrees), 200 degrees optional
  6. Widely applied in home appliances and auto electronic equipment.

A door switch is an indispensable part of many household appliances. Selecting a high-quality door switch for home appliances helps extend their working life and strengthen their quality. 

Unionwell is a professional door switch manufacturer and maker; welcome to contact us if you have relevant requirements or login to our website: www.unionwellswitch.com.

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