Unionwell Basic Micro Switch Release

Unionwell Basic Micro Switch Release

Unionwell Basic Micro Switch Release


The basic micro switch is an essential member of the microswitch family for its wide application. It is commonly found in household appliances and electrical tools. That is why it is called a “basic switch.” For instance, the refrigerator and power tools, ice maker, air-conditioner, etc., all these appliances or equipment can be the primary switch for intelligent control. For the sake of outstanding potential market share, many electronic component manufacturers take it as a new business opportunity and devote themselves to researching and manufacturing this kind of switch. 


Unionwell: An professional micro switch supplier

Unionwell, an essential micro switch supplier, has around 15 years of OEM experience with basic micro switches. We constantly pursue new design products for new applications in electronic products as we understand only by making the change can we make the future. 

We have specialized engineers and technicians focusing on new product research and development in this regard. Below are two new models of the essential micro switch for household appliances and water purifiers. 


Basic micro switch with no Lever

These two basic switches have tight configuration, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity, and small operating travel. Long life and high reliability and get global safety approvals. 


Wide range operating force: 7gf~600gf 

Wide range temperature grade : -40 degrees~+150degrees

Optional PTI Grade :175V, 250V, 600V


Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co Ltd would like to answer any questions about the microswitch and welcome you to login into our Unionwell website for more details: 

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