Troubleshooting Steps For Air Pressure Switch

Troubleshooting Steps For Air Pressure Switch

Troubleshooting Steps For Air Pressure Switch

1. Inspection steps 

(1) Open the water inlet valve and observe whether the micro switch of the water valve is closed and connected and whether the fan is operating normally. 

(2) If the micro switch and fan usually work and the pulse igniter does not ignite, The air pressure switch can be short-circuited to try again. If the pulse igniter still does not ignite, it is a pulse ignition control problem. 

(3) If the pulse ignition usually works, it can be determined that the air pressure switch assembly has failed. 

2. Reason analysis 

(1)The pressure transmission pipe is loose or inserted in the wrong place, or there is leakage pressure due to a loose joint with the low-pressure port, the negative pressure is reduced, causing the air pressure switch cannot be closed. 

(2)the smoke pipe is blocked, the pipe is too long, the bend angle is too much, the outside air pressure is too enormous, etc. causing the exhaust to be not smooth, the negative pressure is reduced, and the negative pressure switch cannot be closed. 

(3)The terminal of the micro switch is oxidized and rusted, or the spring is weak and invalid, resulting in poor contact or no action. 

( 4 )Air pressure switch assembly components are damaged, such as the aging diaphragm and increased force of perforated spring. 

3. Treatment methods 

(1) Re-install the pressure transmission pipe and tighten the clamp until it does not leak. 

(2) Remove the sundries blocked in the flue, shorten the smoke pipe properly, reduce the corners and tighten the windproof device. 

(3) Remove the oxide layer with an emery cloth or replace the air pressure switch assembly. 

(4) Replace the wind pressure switch assembly and do not adjust of spring force. Because the wind pressure switch has adjusted its elastic force according to the design requirements and sealed the pressure regulating screw with glass glue. 

Suppose the pressure regulating screw is forcibly screwed. In that case, the seal is damaged, causing the left and right chambers not to form a pressure difference, resulting in the failure of the air pressure switch. 

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