Three Important Micro Switches In Microwave Ovens

Three Important Micro Switches In Microwave Ovens

Three Important Micro Switches in Microwave Ovens


A microwave oven is an electrical device that can quickly heat food. It is mainly heated by generating a high-frequency electromagnetic wave field, which causes the molecules to be heated to oscillate at high speed and rub against each other. 

Therefore, when purchasing microwave ovens, users often worry and doubt electromagnetic wave leakage and radiation. However, the radiation of microwave ovens does not have such hazards as X and gamma rays, and the production and manufacture of microwave ovens have strictly controlled the radiation. However, a micro switch is still added to the oven door for protection to prevent the human body from being burned by the microwave due to misoperation or negligence.


Microwave Micro Switch Application

Generally speaking, there are three micro-switches in a microwave oven’s oven door structure: primary and secondary latch switches and safety monitoring switches. The primary and secondary safety switches trigger different circuit states when the furnace door is opened and closed, thereby affecting the on and off of the induction cooker’s power supply. When any microswitches indicate that the oven door is not closed correctly or is not closed tightly, the microwave oven cannot usually start, avoiding microwave leakage.

There is also a monitoring switch in this door linkage switch whose protective effect is. Its primary function is to prevent the upper and lower safety switches from being damaged and usually short-circuited. In this way, even if the status of the furnace door cannot be displayed correctly due to damage or malfunction of the two-door switches, a safety switch still plays a protective role.


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