The Working Principle Of The Mouse Micro Switch

The Working Principle Of The Mouse Micro Switch

The Working Principle Of The Mouse Micro Switch

A microswitch is a quick switch that is pressed and touched and called a sensitive switch. Its working principle is: that an external mechanical force acts on the action reed through transmission elements (such as buttons, push pins, levers, rollers, etc.), and after accumulating energy to a critical point, it produces instantaneous action, making the end of the action reed Moving contacts (normally open contacts) and fixed contacts (normally closed contacts) are quickly connected or disconnected.  

When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed generates a reverse action force.  

When the transmission element’s reverse stroke reaches the reed action’s critical point, the reverse action is instantaneously completed. The micro switch’s contact distance is minimal and has the characteristics of fast action stroke, small pressing force, and rapid on-off. Micro-motion manufacturers’ most prominent technical feature in switch design is preventing loss and prolonging service life. 



Failure is divided into wear and fatigue. Fretting wear means contact surface wear or material loss; fatigue refers to fatigue cracks in metals and other materials or reduced fatigue life. 


Strengthen The Fatigue-prone Metal Reeds And Contacts’ Electrical Capabilities

The strength of the contact element’s surface is the primary way to slow down the loss. It uses various surface treatments, such as physical (laser, ion implantation, etc., to change the hardening technology of the surface layer microstructure), chemical (carburizing, nitriding, and other surface hardening technologies), mechanical (shot peening, rolling, etc.) The process method makes the material’s surface obtain particular composition, structure, and performance to improve its wear and fatigue resistance. 

Also, there are ways to strengthen the fatigue-prone metal reeds and contacts’ electrical capabilities, such as replacing metal materials such as silver and alloys. The micro switch in the mouse is located on the circuit board under the button. When the button is pressed once, the metal reed in the micro switch triggers once sends an electrical signal to the computer, and then resets to complete a click. Since the jog is purely physical, each click causes wear and consumption. This is why some manufacturers use the number of clicks as the mouse life parameter.  


The Operation Of The Mouse Is Effortless.

There are only two actions, “move” and “click,” but these two actions play a vital role in using computers. It is often seen that manufacturers vigorously promote the high CPI resolution of their mouse products and their “click” performance. The micro switch, closely related to the “click” performance, can be said to be the mouse’s soul. 

Ordinary mice will inevitably be damaged after being used for some time, and most of the reasons for the damage to the mouse are the buttons’ failure. The probability of failure of other components in the mouse is minimal. The micro switch under the controller determines whether the mouse button is sensitive. There are reasons for the most frequent use of the controller. 

Another effective measure to reduce fretting loss is to reduce friction coefficient (that is, friction), which can be achieved by adding lubricating media and reducing the loss. This is because “jogging determines the “click” performance of the mouse .” Microswitch” is the “micro switch” in the mouse. It has the same structure as the microswitch in water heaters, microwave ovens, and other equipment. It is a component that uses metal reeds to trigger the action. Because of its unobvious specifications and hidden inside the mouse, ordinary consumers are not sensitive to micro-movements perception and feeling. Therefore, most manufacturers would rather spend money on other aspects of the mouse than use high-quality micro-movements. 


The High-quality Micro-motion In Mouse

The mouse is replaced with high-quality micro-motion, making the mouse button feel better and has a long life continued. For example, changing the internal geometric structure, clamping method, contact size, etc., of the component also changes the pressure distribution and contact mode at the contact surface, improving the resistance performance to fretting damage to varying degrees. 

Although the fretting is small and the structure is straightforward, it still has good and bad quality. It occupies a large part of the cost of the mouse. Many manufacturers use low-quality or low-quality jogs to save costs, such as double-clicking a button, no response to a click, and no controller rebound. These are the results of inferior jogs. 


What Is A Mouse Micro Switch

A mouse micro switch is a micro switch inside the mouse. The micro switch is part of a minor component and has mechanical and electrical functionality. Only when you press your mouse will the microswitch run.

The mouse micro switch controls the circuit open or close. The mini bounce travel makes the click of the mouse more sensitive. 


Mouse Micro Switch Work Principle

The clicking number will reach over 5 thousand clicks when using a mouse. It means the micro switch will activate more than 5 thousand cycles. Generally speaking, the Unionwell microswitch has 1,000,000 cycles of mechanical service life. You can choose the Unionwell microswitch without worry. High-quality and High-reliability microswitch!


How To Adjust The Feeling Of Mouse Micro Switch?

If you want to adjust the feeling of the mouse micro switch, you should get learning: Most of the weight and noise that mouse switches create come from the overall design of the mouse and the mouse housing.

As a mouse manufacturer, adjusting the mouse housing and mouse micro switch. A “clicky” sound may be the key to success!


Best Mouse Micro Switch From Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer

As we know, Unionwell G10 series micro switches are likely the most common replacement, and for a good reason. They’re on the heavier side of buttons but extremely snappy and consistent. We would say that these fall between Omron( D2FC-F-7N) and Huang regarding the required force for clicking.


Unionwell G10 Series Subminiature Micro Switch Products List >>


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Manufacturer

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in quality micro switches for the automotive industry and white goods of home appliances. Main products include basic micro switches, waterproof switches, air pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, door switches, etc.

For better guarantee on pricing, lead time, and quality control, we acquired Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd in 2021. We made it our China production base with over 1000 employees and 260 million pieces/year production capacity. 

Huizhou Greetech is an ISO9001, IATF16949 and ISO14001 certified micro switch manufacturer whose complete series of products have been granted global access permit certifications, including ENEC, UL, CE, CB, etc.

With the subsidiary sales branch Guangzhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Technology Co., Ltd founded, our global reach covers North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Most of our business partners/end customers are Global 500 enterprises, including world-famous home appliance brands and leading automotive suppliers in North America and Europe.

Shortly, we are launching a new industrial base at Longmen, Huizhou, Guangdong Province; automation equipment will be introduced, which would massively improve the switch production capacity from 260 million pieces to over 1.3 billion pieces/year. 

A one-stop system will cover product development, precision molding, injection molding, precision stamping, automated equipment R&D, assembling, and testing. 

The professional sales team is on hand to provide assistance and quick response to 3D drawing requests, price quotes, and access to an adequate sample program that allows engineers to test and qualify switches for their end product applications.


Core Value:

Goal, Responsibility, Coordination, Innovation

Effort, Development, Openness, Integrity

Our Mission:

We are obligated to maintain long-term relationships that stand the test of time.

Our Vision:

To become a first-class global manufacturer of precision components and modules.


Unionwell switches manufacture various micro switches, subminiature micro switches, basic switch, sealed micro switches, etc., and has a one-stop R & D and production system. 

Welcome to our website to learn more about the microswitch: 


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