The Purpose Of Micro Switch

The Purpose Of Micro Switch

The Purpose Of Micro Switch

Microswitch refers to electronic components used to interrupt or cut off circuits. A microswitch is a kind of electronic switch in which you should use little physical force when it is necessary for operation. The micro switch, also named the miniature snap-action switch, operates by a tipping-point mechanism. 

A tipping-point mechanism is a device that replaces an object from a stable state with another new stable state. It enables the switching to occur dependably at repeatable and specific actuator positions. A microswitch produces a significant movement at the point of electrical contact based on a slight movement occurring at the actuator device.  

As a result of the micro switch’s unique design, People apply the microswitch in various electronic products, home appliances, auto control, and even heavy equipment. It is characteristic of being high durability and comparatively low cost. People apply microswitch for limit switching. People typically utilize this snap-switch mechanism to control electrical machinery or machine tools. 


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