The Mechanical And Electrical Life Of Micro Switch

The Mechanical And Electrical Life Of Micro Switch

The Mechanical And Electrical Life Of Micro Switch

The main component that guarantees mechanical function is a spring. The component will withstand hundreds of or millions of alternating loads during the snap action switch. It is the main component to ensure the mechanical life of the switch. 

The main component that guarantees electrical function is the contact (electrical contact element). Under the action of rated electrical load stress, the contacts are frequently turned on and off, resulting in electrical wear of the contacts and failure of the electrical functions of the switches. It means that the life parameters of a snap action switch usually have two aspects, mechanical life, and electrical life. 

The mechanical life is the wear resistance of the snap action switch, which can be characterized by the number of uses under no-load conditions.

Conversely, electrical life refers to the times the snap action switch can be used as specified under load. By the life test of the laboratory.   

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