The Function Of The Spring In Micro Switch

The Function Of The Spring In Micro Switch

The Function Of The Spring In Micro Switch


The spring is an integral part of the microswitch. When it is used, it meets the conditions of the operating force. The pressure is applied to the switch operation direction. The switch function is closed and turned on. When the pressure is removed, the switch is turned off. Its internal structure is changed by the force of the metal spring. 


Spring Material

To achieve the on and off of the circuit. According to the material, it can be divided into stainless steel spring and ordinary spring. The shape can be divided into square spring and round spring. However, since the quality of the spring will directly affect the regular use of the microswitch, the spring needs to undergo the aging test, salt spray test, and other tests to ensure that it is not easy to be rusted and age. The selection of square and round springs should be considered according to the needs of the microswitch. 


Spring Service Life

In the case of the same material, the service life of the round spring will generally be higher than that of the square spring. Still, the price of the square spring is relatively lower. It is easier to process and save more material than the round spring. Therefore, if the microswitch has a price advantage, it can consider a square spring. It is more recommended to choose a round spring if it has higher requirements on life quality. 

The spring is integral to the microswitch to realize the circuit on and off. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the quality of the switch spring. Otherwise, it will easily affect the regular use of the microswitch.


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