The Best Way To Choose Micro Switch That You Need

The Best Way To Choose Micro Switch That You Need

This year, with the continuous increase of demand in traditional and emerging markets, people’s need for innovative home appliance design has also increased, and domestic demand for switches has also increased. The demand for micro switches has also changed with the market as a category of switches. And increase. Traditional micro-motion uses a metal reed trigger structure. 

When the key is pressed, the metal reed in the micro switch triggers once sends an electrical signal to the computer, and then reset to achieve the triggering effect. However, after long-term use, there are physical wear and oxidation problems, which can cause poor contact, or the offset of the contact position can cause problems such as the inability to trigger or double-click. 

At present, manufacturers use different methods to increase the wear resistance of the spring to improve the life or use alloy materials to enhance the electrical performance of the contact part. The micro-optical switch is a new micro switch introduced in recent years. It uses visual principles and optical coupling technology to achieve connectivity, less physical wear and loss, and longer service life. Optical, magnetic micro-motion is to realize signal change through light blocking/conduction in optical micro-motion, which can better avoid dust and contact oxidation problems. The solid magnetic components can also quickly absorb the shading components to prevent vibration and solve the metal.

The aging problem of the shrapnel can significantly increase the life of the micro switch and reduce the failure rate. Mute micro-motion mainly uses square origin micro-motion, most of which are used for office use. The buttons feel duller, but there is no traditional micro-motion “Click” sound. It is more suitable for offices, libraries and other places that must be kept quiet. 


How much do you know about the brand of a micro switch? 

As long as the micro switch is mentioned, users who know something about it will think of Omron (OMRON), which frequently appears in the micro switch selected in the mass-produced mouse. Its many different models can also satisfy manufacturers or users for micro switches.

Other needs for moving switches. OMRON’s micro-motion models correspond to the color of the switch and are divided into white dots, red dots, green dots, gray dots, blue dots, etc., and the origin is divided into domestic and Nissan. Domestic products generally use silver alloy contacts, while Japanese ones use gold alloy contacts. The product life is also indicated at the back of some micro-motion models, such as standard (10M), (20M), (50M), etc. TTC micro-movement is also a common type of mouse micro-movement. It has not only rich product models but also has excellent comprehensive cost performance. It is mainly used for left and right buttons, side buttons, and other parts. Classic mice like Sairui’s Kinzu, Kana, Razer’s Viper, Hell Mad Snake, etc., all have TTC.

The dust-proof gold micro-motion launched by TTC supports the dust-proof level of IP54. The shell is made of high-quality DuPont materials, which are stable and not easy to deform. The 24k gold contacts and gold terminals are corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant. The conservative life is about 30 million times. Solved the common double-click and combo problems of micro-motion. The triggering force is moderate and uniform. The hand feel is crisp, the stroke is reasonable, the rebound is fast and compact, it is more suitable for rhythmic bursts, and the overall user experience is excellent. The old model is all yellow, and the new model has a transparent design. The latest and old models can be distinguished by their appearance when purchasing. Guangdong Unionwell Electronics launched a mouse micro switch G10 series. This micro switch is small in size, compact in structure, and has a life of up to 10 million times. It is highly reliable and can be equipped with various operating handles. Application range of micro switch Micro switches is mainly used in electronic equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, rice cookers, computer mice, etc. Micro switches are also found in modern industrial products such as automotive electronics, testing instruments, and medical equipment. Our company’s current research and development work is mainly dedicated to improving the product’s durability, increasing the rated current and voltage, reducing the operating force, and extending the product’s life. In terms of product opening and closing life, generally more than 1 million times, these companies aim to increase to 2 to 3 million times. 

The Best Way To Choose Micro Switch That You Need


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