Terminology Of Micro Switch

Terminology Of Micro Switch

Terminology Of Micro Switch


Rating: Generally, the value as a guarantee reference for switching characteristics and performance, such as rated current, rated voltage, etc., is based on specific conditions. 

Contact form: Electrical input and output circuits form contacts for various purposes. 

Resin fixing (plastic terminal): A method in which the terminal portion is wired with a wire, and the portion is fixed by filling the resin to eliminate the exposed charged portion to improve the drip resistance. 

Insulation resistance: refers to the resistance between the non-linked terminals, the terminals and the uncharged metal parts, between the terminals and the ground.  

Withstand voltage: After adding a high voltage for 1 minute at the specified measurement site, it does not cause a critical value of insulation damage. 

Malfunction shock: refers to the impact range of the contact closed by the impact when the micro switch is used within the specified time. 

Contact resistance: Indicates the contact portion’s resistance but generally indicates the resistance value, including the spring’s resistance and the terminal portion’s conductor. 

Vibration resistance: When the micro-switch is used, the vibration-closed contact is in a vibration range that does not separate for more than the specified time. 


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