Subminiature Switch In Robot Cleaner

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Subminiature Switch In Robot Cleaner

Subminiature Switch In Robot Cleaner


Exactly how does an essential subminiature switch work in Robot Cleaner?

There is a subminiature switch on the robot panel to control its start/stop work. At the same time, it can also be controlled by remote control. The remote control can also be used to time the robot. The LCDs the timing countdown and the current temperature value in real-time.


What is a robot cleaner?

The robot cleaner refers to the sweeping robot. Shortly, it will become an indispensable cleaning helper for every family like white goods. A comprehensive homebody is a wireless machine, mainly in the form of a disc. Use rechargeable batteries to operate; the operation method is the remote control or the operation panel on the device. Generally, you can set the time to make an appointment to clean and recharge yourself.

There is a sensor in the front that can detect obstacles. It will turn on its own if it hits a wall or other barriers. It will take a different route according to the settings of each manufacturer and plan to clean the area. (Some earlier models may lack some functions) Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has gradually become popular, becoming a common household appliance for office workers or modern households.

Robotic technology is becoming more and more mature nowadays, so each brand has different research and development directions and has unique designs, such as double vacuum cover, attached hand-held vacuum cleaner, dust box that can be washed and mopped, can put fragrance, or It has functions such as photocatalyst sterilization.


Subminiature switch in robot cleaner

Our Unionwell G10 Series of subminiature switches are widely used in robot cleaners.

G10 series Subminiature Switch Features:

  1. Small size and compact structure
  2. Long life, high reliability
  3. Complete types of terminals
  4. Equipped with various types of operating handles
  5. Widely used in household appliances and industrial control fields.


The G10 Series subminiature micro switch parameters are as shown in the following table:


Rating P1 0.1A 48VDC/125VAC(Gold Plated Optional)
03 1A/3A 125VAC
Operating Frequency Electrical 10~30   Cycles/Minute
Mechanical 120 Cycles/Minute
Contact Resistance(initial value) 100mΩ Max (Depends On P/Ns)
Insulation Resistance at 500VDC,100MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength AC 600VAC RMS (50-60HZ)
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Humidity 85%RH Max
Service Life Electrical 6,000 ~ 100,000 cycles(Depends On P/Ns)
Mechanical 1,000,000 Cycles
Unit Net Weight About 0.5g(Straight PCB Type Without Lever)


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The suggestions for the subminiature switch option

To start with, we need to understand the circuit layout and the ranking requirement for the micro switch. For instance, in many European nations, the voltage is 220VAC, so we need to use a switch that can get to 220V at a minimum. To see if they are appropriate, we use a 250VAC switch usually. The electric current coincides with things.

Secondly, what circuit code do you need? Are they usually Closed or generally open up? Which relies on your engineer’s style.

Third, which operate you need? You may need to consider whether they are waterproof or non-waterproof, as I know many of them are non-waterproof.

Ultimately, the accreditation. Suppose a manufacturing facility may require the certificates for the micro switch. For example, Europe requires ENEC, America and Oceania need UL, Asia needs CQC, and so forth.


Robot cleaner working principle

The body of the sweeping robot is a portable device with automated technology. It is matched with a vacuum cleaner with a dust box to set a control path and walks indoors repeatedly, such as edge sweeping, centralized sweeping, random sweeping, straight expansive, etc. Path cleaning, supplemented by side brushes, central main brush rotation, rags, etc., enhances the cleaning effect to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.


Robot cleaner overall structure

The sweeping robot is mainly composed of the following parts.

Ontology: The brand design of different manufacturers will have other appearances.


Rechargeable batteries: Ni-MH batteries are generally used; some use lithium batteries, but the unit price of lithium batteries is usually higher. Each manufacturer’s battery charging time and use time are also different.

Charging stand: It can allow the robot vacuum cleaner to go home and recharge by itself.

Dust box: Different from the paper bag method of general vacuum cleaners, dust boxes collect dust.

There are roughly two types:

  1. Central dust box
  2. Placed in the rear dust box

Remote control: It is used to control the robot vacuum cleaner and can also be controlled on the body.


The sweeping robot mainly includes the following parts:

  1. A walking driving wheel and driving motor: This part mainly ensures that the robot can move in the plane. Infrared switches are installed on the front and side of the housing as collision detection sensors. The three infrared switches on the bottom step detection sensors prevent falling. The drive wheel is equipped with a photoelectric coding disk, which can detect and control the wheel speed and perform positioning and path planning. At the same time, the ultrasonic sensor has been expanded to meet the needs of precise positioning;
  2. Cleaning mechanism: The two cleaning brushes are driven by the motor so that the left side of the cleaning brush rotates clockwise and the right side rotates counterclockwise so that the dust can be concentrated at the suction port when cleaning the dust, preparing for the work of the sweeping mechanism;
  3. Floor sweeping mechanism: Create powerful suction to suck dust into the dust storage box;
  4. Floor scrubber: After cleaning and sweeping the floor, use the cleaning cloth installed under the shell to wipe off the fine dust remaining on the ground to ensure the quality of the cleaning work.


Firstly, The robot uses all kinds of sensors installed to obtain basic information about the indoor environment and itself, such as the location of obstacles, the distance it has traveled, etc.;

Then according to the obtained data, the corresponding control strategy is selected;

Last, through the control with the single-chip microcomputer as the core, The system performs obstacle judgment, obstacle avoidance strategy selection, and exercise walking implementation.


Classification of the robot cleaner

1,Single suction

The single suction cleaning method helps float ash on the ground. Still, it is not ideal for cleaning the ash accumulated under the table and the dust adsorbed by static electricity. (The design is relatively simple and only has one suction port)

2.Middle brush wafer type

It has a better cleaning effect on large particles and carpets, but it has a slightly poorer treatment of ground dust, which is more suitable for the home environment of European carpets. For the Asian market, the marble-headed floor and wooden floor are poorly cleaned. (The main surface of the cleaning method is a rubber brush, and a brush rotates relatively to pick up the garbage)

3.Brush cleaning system

Take the Taiwan model as a representative. It adopts the lifting V brush to float and clean, better fitting the comprehensive system to the ground environment. The electrostatic adsorption of dust on the surface is more in place. (The V-brush system as a whole can automatically rise and fall and form a negative vacuum pressure in the triangle area)


Features of the sweeping robot

  1. Sweeping saves time and effort, improves work efficiency, and improves energy efficiency: The cleaning process does not require human control, reducing the burden of human operations. People can use the time saved to do other meaningful things.
  2. Low noise: less than 50 decibels and the process of cleaning the room is free from noise.
  3. Air purification: built-in activated carbon to absorb harmful substances in the air.
  4. Lightweight and compact: Easily clean dead corners that ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot clean.


The workflow of the robot vacuum cleaner

  1. First, you can start the cleaning robot through the keyboard or remote control and allow it to begin cleaning.
  2. Once the robot starts to work, it controls the cleaning mechanism to clean, the sweeping mechanism begins to sweep the floor, and the wiping agent starts to wipe the floor.
  3. The sensor detection module continuously collects external information when the robot starts to work. It sends it to the CPU for analysis and decision-making to generate the path of the robot’s walking.
  4. When the path planning requires the robot to perform the steering, the CPU changes the speed of the left and right wheels, respectively, and recognizes the steering through the differential speed.
  5. The robot can display related information (such as work mode, timing, or temperature) through the LCD during work.
  6. In addition to controlling the start and stop of the cleaning robot, the remote control can also time the robot to start working after a certain period or stop working after a certain period.


Why choose Unionwell subminiature micro switch China manufacturer?

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in producing quality micro switches for the automotive industry and white goods of home appliances. Main products include basic micro switches, waterproof switches, air pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, and door switches.

For better pricing, lead time, and quality control guarantees, we acquired Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd in 2021. We made it our China production base with over 500 employees and a 250 million pieces/year production capacity.

With the subsidiary sales branch Guangzhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Technology Co., Ltd founded, our global reach covers North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Most of our business partners/end customers are Global 500 enterprises, including world-famous home appliance brands and leading automotive suppliers in North America and Europe.

We are launching a new industrial base at Longmen, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, which will work as Unionwell headquarters. Automation equipment will be introduced, massively improving the switch production capacity from 250 million pieces to over 1.3 billion pieces/year.


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