Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch Detailed Information

Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch Detailed Information

Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch Detailed Information

Subminiature sealed micro switch is a kind of micro switch or snaps action switch with the characteristics of being waterproof & dustproof. It is widely applied in the automobile industry. It is also called “ auto switch” for the application in an automobile. Unlike another switch, the auto switch is given stricter requirements on specifications and functions. 

In terms of IP rated, an auto switch has to reach IP67. The different positions of automobiles, such as gear control, sun-roof automatic control, automatic window control and automatic desk control, etc., are the specific applications of the subminiature sealed micro switch. Electronics and appliances widely accept the micro switch as an electronic component. It has various designs with different wirings and terminals. It is more flexible than other kinds of electronic components.

All subminiature micro switches are designed for water & dustproof with a small compact size. It has a long life and high reliability, widely used in automotive electronics, appliances, and industrial control. Additionally, the microswitch application in appliances can be easily found in air-conditioners, electric toothbrushes, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. 

Unionwell is a professional subminiature sealed micro switch manufacturer, focusing on whole series micro switches manufacturing & production. 

Unionwell has around 15 years of switch manufacturing experience as a micro switch factory. We have already supplied micro switch for hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. We are now gradually taking the leading role in this electronic component industry.

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