Subminiature Micro Switch With Roller Lever

Subminiature Micro Switch With Roller Lever

Subminiature Micro Switch With Roller Lever

Subminiature Micro Switch with Roller Lever, Micro switch is called a miniature snap action switch also. Micro switch manufacturers or factories have to pursue innovation or develop new series of products to take the leading role in the industry. For all electronic products or home appliances, micro switches are necessary for their manufacturing. 

New electronic products will push the micro switch development for the new design or patents. In different circumstances or environments, the micro switch selected is different. Being waterproof is an essential function for auto and electrical devices, so the snap action switch has to be waterproof for specific areas; even IP rated needs to reach IP67. 

Unionwell developed a new model micro switch; this micro switch can be customized based on the client’s requirements. Its mechanical frequency reaches 120 cycles per minute, three terminals with a long roller lever for the switch, and it gets global approvals. The picture as bellowed showcases the image of this new product. 

As a professional snap action switch supplier, We take quality as our corporation’s life; it will decide if a company can go further or bankrupt, so Union’s significant efforts are on quality control. We are progressing and on the way to taking the leading role in this industry. 

Unionwell is a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer and factory focusing on new clean energy electronic component research and development. And we take a micro switch for charging guns as a strategic product for the next decade. More and more clients have started to inquire about this model micro switch about its specification and applications. 

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