Subminiature Micro Switch In Smart Lock

Subminiature Micro Switch In Smart Lock

Subminiature Micro Switch In Smart Lock

For intelligent locks, micro switches are essential. If the micro switch fails, the entire lock won’t work, and the safety of residents won’t be guaranteed. 

Micro switches are usually divided into two types: straight swing lever type and R swing lever type. The straight swing lever type is the most common type of micro switch. 

Smart locks often use dry batteries as a power supply, so the smaller the power consumption of electronic components, the better. 

Unionwell Micro switches have good conductivity and high toughness, which are smaller than the contact resistance of the ordinary micro switch and are the first choice of a micro switch for lock bodies.   

Professional Unionwell staffs continuously focus on product development and technological innovation and actively introduce high-reliability products to the market. 

Established an excellent cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign home appliance companies; in China, some micro switch manufacturers only attach micro switch price control but neglect micro switch quality, which leads to some quality problems in an automotive application. 

Unionwell pays excellent attention to micro switch or snaps action switch research and manufacturing. The company always believes that a complete system is the foundation of the company’s success, and an excellent team is the guarantee of the company’s success. Continuous attention and resolution of customer problems is the key to the company’s success. We maintain a very close cooperative relationship with world well-known brands. 

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