Subminiature Micro Switch Application In Shared Bicycle

Subminiature Micro Switch Application In Shared Bicycle

Subminiature Micro Switch Application In Shared Bicycle

Most smart city and 5G techniques focus on improving wireless communications, broadening sensor technology, and increasing energy efficiency, including completely battery-free devices. However, suppose there is no suitable subminiature micro switch used in bicycle-sharing. Whether it is touch, button, push, or 5G technology infrastructure, ITO and intelligent city applications will not exist now. They will not be able to realize their future potential. Sealed micro switch plays a crucial role in human-computer interaction. For example, short-term rental bicycles are a hallmark of advanced intelligent cities. The “last mile” of public transportation is a significant obstacle for urban residents using public transportation. It is also the main challenge in building green cities and low-carbon cities. Bicycle-sharing enterprises provide services on campuses, subway stations, bus stations, residential areas, commercial districts, public service areas, etc., to complete the last “puzzle” in the transportation industry. It drives residents’ enthusiasm for using other public transportation.

What’s more, Bicycle-sharing produces synergies with other public transportation methods. The bicycle-sharing project is not only a time-sharing leasing model but also a new green and environmentally friendly sharing economy. Many shared bicycles with smart locks appear in the streets. It is an advantage of convenience, environmental protection, and low price. It quickly wins consumers’ favor. Shared bicycles make it more convenient for short trips. As the global climate and environment deteriorate, especially with the emergence of haze, people pay more attention to low-carbon environmental protection. So the emergence of shared bicycles is not only convenient but also fast and green. 


The development history of shared bicycles:

 According to the 2016 China Shared Bicycle Market Research Report》, which was recently released by the third-party data research organization Bida Consulting, as of 2016, All users of shared bicycles have reached 18.86 million in China’s market. The report pointed out that China’s bicycle-sharing market has undergone three development stages. The first phase is from 2007 to 2010. people introduced the public bicycle model into China, and the public bicycle model emerged from overseas. The government leads the management in different cities, most of which are bicycles with piles. 2010-2014 is the second stage, some companies have begun to enter the bicycle-sharing market, but most public bicycles are in piles. The third phase is from 2014 to 2018. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, Mobike came to being, leading Internet shared bicycles, and dockless bicycles began to replace docked bicycles, it is more convenient. 


The core components of shared bicycles:

 The shared bicycle’s smart lock is the core component of the shared bicycle and is also a part that intensively reflects the technical content. It is responsible for locating and stealing and bears the vital task of obtaining big data. 


There are two main unlocking principles for shared bicycles currently on the market:

 Built-in SIM card principle, after the mobile phone APP scans the device’s QR code, the APP sends the device ID to the cloud background, and the background directly locks the device through the ID. The SIM card module informs the MCU to send an open signal to the solenoid valve of the device, and the mechanical lock automatically Opens. The principle of Bluetooth, the Bluetooth of the mobile phone connects the device through the built-in Bluetooth module, and the mobile APP scans the code and directly sends related instructions to the device. A smart lock can locate and prevent theft and is a critical significant data source as a necessary component. It is a kind of ITO application technology and a typical ITO + Internet” application. Information exchange and communication between the user and the car through intelligent perception, recognition technology, popular computing, and other communication perception technology. And the waterproof micro switch is an indispensable part of the smart lock. The intelligent lock’s top priority; when the mobile phone scans the bicycle, the waterproof micro switch can detect whether the lock has been opened. Why is it so a priority? Because these sturdy switch components have withstood thousands of tests repeatedly. These sturdy switch components must resist various factors, ensuring that the user can use the technology at hand. 

The G303 series (subminiature micro switch) micro switch that our enterprise produces has the following characteristics:


  1. Designed for water and dust-tight; small compact size;
  2. Long life and high reliability; equipped with various operating levers;
  3. Complete types of terminal blocks and have global safety certifications, etc.

 People usually use this watertight micro switch in automotive, home appliances, industrial control, and other fields, including intelligent locks for shared bicycles. Unionwell is committed to producing waterproof micro switches, sealed micro switches, automotive micro switches, micro switch, basic micro switch, and detection switch. As a professional micro switch factory in China, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with world-renowned automotive and home appliance customers. 

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