Some Knowledge About Limit Switch

Some Knowledge About Limit Switch

Some Knowledge About Limit Switch

Today, we will discuss some knowledge about the limit switch, especially the limit switch’s application. As an electronic component, a limit switch is operated by a machine part’s motion or an object’s presence. In addition, it is also a mechanical device that comprises an actuator linked to a set of contacts. 

The limit switch differs from other micro switches; it demands higher requirements, whether in raw materials or manufacturing. The industry development can not be without a limit switch, such as the manufacturing machines, heavy equipment, facility, etc.

Usually, the limit switch will be applied or used under high temperatures, so the raw materials for the limit switch must be appropriately selected. High-quality materials have to be used for limit switch, and the limit switch manufacturer is also required to be reliable and trusted.

Unionwell is a professional limit switch manufacturer, supplier, and factory, dedicated to producing various high-quality limit switches, micro switches, and waterproof micro switches production and manufacturing. Realizing the importance of limiting switch to industry development, we consider it an essential product and contribute much to making it work better. 

Our limit switch is made of high-temperature bakelite, high sensitive to different travel and precise operation repeatability, and has a long mechanical life. 

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