Snap Action Switch Supplier From Asia

Snap Action Switch Supplier From Asia

Snap Action Switch Supplier From Asia

The micro switch is also named miniature snap action switch in European countries. For its wide applications in the electronics industry, such as auto control, electrical devices, electronic equipment, etc., more and more manufacturers have started to engage in this industry in China. Electronic industry development, especially the high-tech industry, has to use the micro switch as an essential electronic component for these new products. Therefore, the quality of the micro switch will significantly affect the functions and work life of these new products.

As the electronic component purchaser or electronic manufacturer, you have to seriously think about the snap action switch quality if they can be appropriately used in specific applications. China is the most significant market and manufacturer of snap action switches; many factories are engaging in snap action switch manufacturing. The micro switch is also named as miniature snap action switch in China.   

In China, micro switch suppliers are divided into different groups. The first groups are the world’s well-known brand; the quality is more reliable, the second group is the manufacturer with immediate quality, and the third group is the supplier only focusing on price control which pursues price control, not quality. The raw material used is entirely different; the levers, springs, and terminals between different level quality micro switches make prices differ.

Unionwell is an authorized high-tech enterprise in China, focusing on high-quality micro switch production. Unlike other suppliers who strictly control the costs in micro switch production but neglect the quality. 

Unionwell has prioritized quality since its establishment and developing various new series of micro switches. We now take the leading role in the snap action switch industry and serve as OEM manufacturer for the world’s well-known snap action switch brands. 

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