Snap Action Switch Price Difference

Snap Action Switch Price Difference

Snap Action Switch Price Difference

Snap action switch is widely used in practical life and industry manufacturing. Its wide application can be easily found in auto control, home appliance, and electronic products. However, we cannot verify micro switch quality in the short term. It has to take some time, maybe one year or even two years, to judge its quality. 

The price of the micro switch will differ a lot from each other for the sake of different brands or different quality. However, why do snap action switch prices differ a lot from each other? 

Today, we will clarify the snap action switch price difference. The price is greatly affected by electronic component materials. And the terminal contributes a lot to the snap action switch price. Terminal materials difference will make snap action switch prices differ from each other. 

Usually, the terminal should use bronze for its good endurance. But if it is used iron, the snap action switch price will be completely different. As below, we would like to explain why it’s better to use bronze materials for terminals instead of iron.

First, the bronze shard is thick, significantly improving the current’s capability to go through materials and decreasing the bronze shard resistance. 

Second, bronze shard toughness is strong, and it is not easy to be distorted, making it a better connection between terminals. Third, the Bronze shard is oxidation resistant, which decreases the resistance because of the rusty problems. 

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