Snap Action Switch For Electrical Devices

Snap Action Switch For Electrical Devices

Snap Action Switch For Electrical Devices 

Since the first industrial revolution in 1765, human society entered a new society utterly different from before. This revolution brought up many devices and machines applied by electricity, making human life more convenient. 

As we can see nowadays, every day, when we drive auto, send an email, use a food processor, or even turn on the lighting equipment at night, these machines or devices control are so relevant to snap action switch. Snap action switch decides “on or off,” and intelligent control for these devices is small but significant. 


Electrical Devises Snap Action Switch

The application in the snap action switch’s electrical devices should be based on the environment. We must know if the operational requirement requires waterproof, dustproof, or high-temperature endurance characteristics. 

In many circumstances, especially for auto applications or household appliances, IP67 rated will be required. While regarding industrial control, for instance, a pump, gas detector, elevator, etc., will require high-temperature endurance and weatherproof. So when selecting a proper solution for electrical devices, we have to seriously think about the snap action application working environment and circumstances.   

We admit that science and technology have shaped our lives and vastly improved life quality. Snap action switch, an essential part of electronic equipment, contributes to social development in its way. 


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Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co Ltd is a professional micro switch manufacturer. We aim to play the leading role in the micro switch industry worldwide, supply the best quality snap action switch, and strengthen the reputation of “Made in China.” 


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